Class Rules and Policies at Astra Art of Dance School

Arrival Time

Students are required to arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled class start.

Dress Code

Any Comfortable clothing suitable for the class they are attending.

Class Duration

Classes typically run for 45-60 minutes, varying based on age groups.

Attendance Requirement

To participate in Astra’s recitals and showcases, students must meet the minimum attendance criteria.

Parental Guidelines

Parents are kindly requested not to disrupt classes and are permitted to enter the classroom only during authorized recording sessions.

Conduct Expectations

Respectful and appropriate behavior is expected from both students and parents; any disrespectful conduct may result in termination of classes.

Makeup Classes

Classes missed, unless canceled by Astra, will not be rescheduled or compensated.

Changes and Cancellations

Astra reserves the right to modify class schedules, instructors, or rules without prior notice.

Audience Etiquette

Family and friends may observe and record classes only when permitted by the teacher.

Membership Termination

Astra retains the right to terminate class membership for non-compliance with school policies.

Admission Rights

The right of admission into all dance classes is reserved by Astra Art of Dance School.

Tuition Policy

1. Tuition Fees

    • Tuition fees are payable in advance for each term or session as per the outlined schedule.
    • Details regarding tuition fees, including payment methods accepted, will be communicated during enrollment.

2. Payment Schedule

    • The payment schedule will specify due dates for tuition fees, highlighting deadlines for timely payments.
    • Any additional charges, such as costume fees or performance-related expenses, will be clearly communicated in advance.

3. Late Payments

    • A late fee may be applicable for payments received after the specified due date.
    • Failure to settle outstanding fees may result in the student’s inability to participate in classes or events.

4. Refund Policy

    • Refunds, if applicable, are subject to the outlined refund policy and will be processed according to the terms and conditions specified.
    • Refunds might not be available after a certain period or in specific circumstances.

5. Withdrawal and Cancellation

    • Procedures for withdrawal from classes and cancellation of enrollment will be detailed, including notice requirements and refund possibilities, if applicable.
    • Any administrative fees associated with withdrawal or cancellation will be specified.

6. Changes to Tuition Fees or Policies

    • The dance school reserves the right to modify tuition fees, payment schedules, or tuition policies with prior notice.
    • Updated policies or fee changes will be communicated to students and parents in a timely manner.

Safety Measures

Studio Safety

The dance studio maintains a clean and well-maintained environment to ensure the safety of students.

Instructor Guidance

Qualified instructors provide proper guidance on movements to prevent injuries during class.

First Aid Readiness

The studio is equipped with basic first aid supplies and instructors trained in basic first aid protocols.

Equipment Safety

Regular inspection and maintenance of dance equipment to ensure safety standards are met.

Emergency Protocols

Clear communication of emergency procedures and evacuation plans in case of unforeseen situations.

These safety measures prioritize the well-being of students during dance classes and aim to create a safe and secure learning environment.

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At Astra Art of Dance School, we believe dance transcends language and connects hearts. Join us to explore the timeless traditions of Kuchipudi and the vivaciousness of Bollywood. Together, let’s create moments that resonate through movement and music.

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