Bollywood Classes


Experience the Magic of Bollywood Dance our school

Get ready to groove to the vibrant beats and infectious energy of Bollywood .Our Bollywood dance program brings the glitz, glamour, and excitement of Indian cinema to life through dance!

What Sets Our Bollywood Program Apart

High-Energy Classes

Dive into the world of Bollywood with classes that are dynamic, fun-filled, and high-energy. Get your heart pumping as you learn iconic moves and sequences inspired by your favorite Bollywood songs.

Fusion of Styles

Our classes blend traditional Indian dance elements with modern choreography, offering a fusion that captures the essence of Bollywood’s diverse dance styles.

Expressive Storytelling

Bollywood dance is not just about the steps; it’s about storytelling through movement. Learn to convey emotions, narratives, and characters through expressive gestures and vibrant choreography.

Popular Song Choreography

Dance to the latest hits and classic tunes! Our instructors choreograph routines to popular Bollywood /tollywod songs, ensuring you stay current with the ever-evolving Bollywood music scene.

What You'll Learn

Master the iconic Bollywood dance moves from hip shakes and hand gestures to energetic footwork that define the essence of Bollywood dancing. Understand the art of expressing a range of emotionsjoy, love, drama, and more through dance, mirroring the storytelling aspect of Bollywood cinema. Experience the joy of dancing in groups, synchronizing movements with fellow dancers, and creating visually captivating performances.

Who Can Join

All Skill Levels

Our Bollywood classes are open to everyone, whether you’re a beginner exploring dance for the first time or an experienced dancer looking to enhance your skills.


From kids to adults, everyone can embrace the Bollywood vibe and enjoy the sheer joy of dancing to catchy rhythms.

Join the Bollywood Extravaganza

Ready to add a touch of Bollywood sparkle to your dance repertoire? Join us for an exhilarating journey through the colorful world of Indian cinema. Book your trial class today and get ready to dance, Bollywood style!

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To know more about Astra

At Astra Art of Dance School, we believe dance transcends language and connects hearts. Join us to explore the timeless traditions of Kuchipudi and the vivaciousness of Bollywood. Together, let’s create moments that resonate through movement and music.

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