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Akhila Damerla

Founder Astra art of Dance

I, Akhila Damerla, am not just the founder of Astra Art of Dance School but a lifelong devotee of the mesmerizing world of dance. From the tenderest of ages, my heart found its rhythm in the enchanting movements of dance. My journey into the captivating realm of Kuchipudi began under the nurturing guidance of Smt. Sarita Dilip at the age of 7. Years of dedication led me to the revered Arangetram level. Furthering my passion, I developed deeper into the art form under the tutelage of Smt. Lenalxmi Shtaokina, refining my skills in the style of Padmabhushan Shri Vempati Chinna Satyam garu—a journey that has sculpted my very essence. Driven by an insatiable thirst for learning, I pursued a Diploma in Kuchipudi from Silicon Andhra University. Yet, my quest for knowledge never ceases; it’s an unending expedition into the depths of artistry Hence continuing further education in Kuchipudi.

The genesis of Astra Art of Dance School lies in my profound mission to pass on the legacy of Kuchipudi to future generations and extend its embrace to every passionate soul eager to learn. I envision a community bonded by the love for classical Indian art, an endeavor to preserve its essence in perpetuity. While Kuchipudi holds the key to my heart, my love for dance transcends boundaries. It led me to explore other forms like Bollywood and compelled me to embrace various Indian classical, Western, and folk dances. Every step forward is an exploration, a celebration of the diverse beauty within the world of dance.

Once you stop learning, you start dying

Sindhuja Pothu

Co-founder Astra art of Dance

Meet Sindhuja, a passionate dance instructor with over a decade of experience in performing and over 2 years of professionally teaching & bringing the vibrant and energetic world of Indian cinema to the dance floor. Trained in classical and freestyle dance forms, Sindhu seamlessly fuses tradition with modernity, creating a unique and dynamic dance style. Fuelled by her passion, Sindhu has dedicated years to perfecting the art of storytelling through her dance. Her classes are not just about learning steps but immersing oneself in the rich narratives woven into every Indian song and self love .Sindhu believes in creating an atmosphere where students not only embrace the energetic beats but also develop a profound connection with the cultural roots of each dance move. As a self-expression person ,Sindhu encourages her students to infuse their personality into the dance, making every performance a unique celebration of individuality. Beyond the studio, she has choreographed for stage productions , weddings, and community events, leaving a trail of joy and rhythm wherever she goes. Sindhu’s infectious energy, combined with her deep understanding of Bollywood dance, has made her a sought-after instructor, inspiring a diverse range of dancers to unlock their potential and embrace the magic.

Deepthi Bala

Public Relations & Workshop Lead

Dance is a form of expression for many people, to me it’s that and much more.It’s when I forget about my worldly life and create a world in which I live to emote through dancing. 

I have been dancing since a very young age. My first stage performance was to cotton eye joe at 6 yrs of age. In college,I briefly trained in Salsa and Tango and performed at several occasions in Atlanta downtown.In the recent years of my dance journey, I’ve taken center stage at numerous events, captivating audiences with my vibrant performances featuring Bollywood-Tollywood medleys.

With a Masters Degree in Information Systems, and 15 years in the workforce landscape, I thrive to seamlessly balance the artistry of dance with my corporate career.

Whether you’re a novice eager to embrace the joy of dance or a seasoned performer seeking new heights, as Astra’s workshop lead, I aim to inspire confidence and self-expression in each dancer, fostering a supportive community within each workshop. 

Fun Fact: My first job ever was at Walt Disney World!

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

Sandhya Alluru

Choreographer/Professional Dancer

In the bustling world where technology and art converge, there exists a unique individual who seamlessly navigates between the binary realm of IT and the fluid movements of dance. Meet Sandhya, a multifaceted professional who has mastered the intricate steps of both coding languages and dance routines.

With a Masters Degree in Information Technology, for me the dance is a sanctuary where the stresses of the day melt away in the fluidity of movement. 

From perfecting pirouettes to mastering intricate choreography, dance serves as a creative outlet and a source of personal fulfillment. The discipline and dedication cultivated in the IT realm find a parallel in the rigorous training required to excel in the world of dance.

Fun Fact: Indian Dance Forms

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, expressing what words cannot

Shruthi Kondai

Kuchipudi Dance Instructor

Accomplished Kuchipudi dancer with extensive years of training in the traditional Indian classical dance form.  A seasoned instructor with a wealth of experience, having dedicated 5 years to teaching and shaping the next generation of dancers. 

Melds technical expertise with artistic expression, creating captivating performances that reflect the essence of Kuchipudi. Committed to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Kuchipudi through both personal performances and effective teaching methodologies. Strives to instill a deep appreciation for the art form in students, fostering not only skill development but also a love for the rich tradition of Kuchipudi.

Continuously seeks opportunities for personal and professional growth, contributing to the vibrant world of Kuchipudi.A lifelong enthusiast of dance, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the art throughout the years

Fun Fact: Can effortlessly dance to any beat, from classical rhythms to the latest Bollywood

Dance is the poetry of the foot, and the heart’s rhythm guides the steps.

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At Astra Art of Dance School, we believe dance transcends language and connects hearts. Join us to explore the timeless traditions of Kuchipudi and the vivaciousness of Bollywood. Together, let’s create moments that resonate through movement and music.

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